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Driver Profiles

Below are the profiles for the drivers.

Stephen Andrews's image

Name: Stephen Andrews.
Age: 21.


  • Stephen Andrews in roughly six months will be a fully trained mechanic. Stephen is currently doing courses in Scuba Diving and generally enjoys out door activitys such as skiing, jet bikes and anything that involves spped to give him a buzz. 2009 should be promising with Stephen Andrews racing in Senior Max.
  • 2005: NKRA Nationally seated number 3 Junior Blue
  • 2006: NKRA Nationally seated number 1 in Junior Blue
  • 2007: NKRA Nationally seated number 6 in Senior Blue
  • 2008: NKRA Nationally seated number 1 in Senior Blue
  • 2008: Matthew Percy trophy winner
  • Stephen also raced KF1 at Super 1 level in the begining of 2008.
  • These are just some of Stephens result's.
  • Stephen competed in the Forest Edge Championship in 2010 &2011
  • 2011 & 2012 Stephen is one of out finest Team Driver Technitions.
Gemma Batstone's image

Name: Gemma Batstone.
Age: 20.


  • Gemma has been driving for 6 years, but only been in compertition for the last 3 years previous to date. Gemma's first year of competition was in Junior Blue then proceeding on to Junior Rotax. She is now going on to Senior Rotax for the 2009 season with the big boys. She may be a lady driver but she still enjoy her holidays in the sun, she is currently at college studying a variety of things.
  • 2006: NKRA Nationally seated number 9 in Junior Blue
  • 2007: DKRC lady driver
  • 2008: DKRC Junior Rotax 3rd in championship
  • 2008: DKRC lady driver
  • 2009: Competed in Junior Rotax and Senior Rotax at FEKC And DKRC also recieved DKRC lady driver.
  • 2010: Competed in Rotax max at DKRC,FEKC,CPKCDKRC also recieved DKRC lady driver.
  • 2011: Senior rotax max championship - DKRC and FEKC,
  • Senior Rotax Club Champion DKRC (MANSELL RACEWAYS)
  • Overall Senior Champion DKRC (MANSELL RACEWAYS)
  • Lady friver of the year DKRC (5th consecutive year!)
  • Vice Champion British Woman Drivers Club
  • Nominee for British womans "Elite" Gold star award.
Joe Parkinson's image

Name: Joe Parkinson.
Age: 15.


  • Joe joined Rapid Motorsport in 2010, He started off in Minimax where in his first year had no fewer that two anual achievments.
  • 2011: Mini max 3rd Club championship DKRC (Mansell raceways)
Harry Tavare's image

Name: Harry Tavare.
Age: 18.


  • Harry is currently at collage, he has been a part of Rapid Motorsport since the 2009 season, his previous experiences have only been at Buckmoore Park. After some testing of the Maranello, Harry continued to improve his personal best times in both 2010 and 2011 at Dkrc, Harry was voted in as Drivers Driver for 2011 DKRC a fantastic achievment, Harry is looking promising for 2012.
Dan's image

Name: Dan.
Age: 18.


  • Joined the team Dec 2010

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