Rapid Motor Sport - Maranello South West

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Image 1The new maranello kart leads the way in design.
Image 2The rear brake system for the New Maranello Cadet kart.
Image 3The New quick relese chain guard, which comes standard with the New Maranello Cadet kart.
Image 4The New Maranello cadet kart, made for winning, the winners choice.
Image 5The world final karts, and who said you didn't need a spare?
Image 6Rs7 has provided a mountin of results in 2008.
Image 7Maranello have raised ther game with the new RS8
Image 8This chassis will allow Maranello the freedom to try new ideas in the homologation period while other Manufacturers are limted to their orthodox chassis designs.
Image 9This rear brake will be more stable under hard braking.
Image 11new super sport
Image 1217mm stub
on the super sport
Image 13super sport floor tray
Image 14super sport
ven 08 rear brake with 4 pot pistons
Image 15super sport side pod
Image 16super sport
Image 17super sport
Image 18super sport fuel tank
Image 19super sport

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